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Our Vision

“Christians united as one in our diversity

experiencing an overflowing harvest of Souls”

Our Mission

“To be used to glorify God and to advance Christ’s kingdom around the world united in prayer”

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Core Values

The LPI Mission is to be used to glorify God by advancing Christ’s kingdom around the world united in prayer.


The LPI Story

What began in 1997 as the Women's Prayer Committee for the South Texas Billy Graham Crusade has grown into Lighthouses of Prayer International

Image by Jack Sharp

City wide Prayer Gathering

Lighthouses of Prayer International strive to be a unified church with one heart, one mind and one prayer to see God transform our city!


“Lighthouses of Prayer International is a much needed ministry of united prayer. Prayer connects us and moves in us with God’s power and love. I urge you to join in God’s work in LPI.”

Allan Parker, President and Revivalist, The Justice Foundation

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